Primal Management

Primal Management

Review in the Journal of Personnel Psychology:  

"The book is clearly written, strongly and convincingly argued, insightful, provocative, stimulating, and interesting to read."



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Here is a screen shot of The Horsepower System's™ leadership dashboard.  It gives every manager a quick diagnostic readout of the current survey scores for their department.  They can tell, at a glance, if the motivational engine is functioning optimally, or malfunctioning. 

Motivation is the master metric that drives everything else.  It therefore deserves a prominent position front-and-center on an organization's management dashboard. 

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Paul's Blog

Are decisions really 80% emotional?
As some of you know, I'm a graduate of the University of Chicago, a very rational place where, according to legend, "Fun goes to die."  I expect to be tarred and feathered at the next U of C management conference  for this provocative and contrarian post.  
Advertisers, like Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, claim that the buying decision is 80% emotional and 20% rational.  According to Roberts, "Reason leads to conclusions.  Emotion leads to action."  What about other decisions, like the decision on the part of our employees to work hard?  Is this also 80% emotional?  What is going on here?  If emotions are so important in decision making, why was the word never uttered in any of my econ classes?

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The Horsepower System™ is a fabulous tool to track and improve employee engagement.  Every company should monitor the horsepower of its motivational engine, and this tool makes it easy. Here are some resources to help you understand the power of this versatile tool.

The Horsepower System™, by the way, is based on BOTH "Primal Management" and the four-drive model of employee motivation developed by Nitin Nohria, the dean of the Harvard Business School and Paul Lawrence, an organizational behavior pioneer.  The four-drive model is described in this Harvard Business Review article.

Customer List: The Horsepower System is designed for progressive companies, like these, that truly care about their people. 

Horsepower Benefits in a Language You Can Understand: It is important to explain things in a way your audience understands.  Here is how we explain the benefits of The Horsepower System™ in 9 business "languages;" CEO-Speak, CFO-Speak, HR-Speak, etc.

Horsepower Process Outline: If you are serious about improving workplace motivation and performance, here is a document that explains what a Horsepower implementation™ looks like.

Video Describing the Science Behind The Horsepower System:™  This video shows Paul Herr describing the cutting-edge science behind The Horsepower System.™

Horsepower Success Stories:  Here is a whitepaper describing some Horsepower System™ success stories from the auto industry.

Horsepower Flyer: The Horsepower System™ flyer gives a short and sweet summary of this powerful motivation-managment tool. 

Survey Demo:  You can test-drive the seven-question Horsepower Pulse Survey™ on the demo website. Both the username and password are "guest."

Survey Website Tutorial:  The survey process is described in this short PowerPoint presentation.

Reporting Website Demo: This demo allows managers to explore the actual reporting website where they can go to view their survey results, analyze the data, view employee comments, and find leadership-development resources for improving their scores. Please use the word "guest" for both the username and password.

Reporting Website Tutorial: This narrated tutorial describes how to get the most from The Horsepower Survey's™ full-featured data reporting website. Note: Please turn on your computer's speakers so you can listen to the narration.

Case Studies:  Companies enjoy many benefits when motivation improves as described in these short case studies.

Paul Describing The Theory Behind the Tool:  Gary Knox interviewed Paul about the Harvard four-drive model in this two-part interview :  Part 1 and Part 2.

Book Chapters Describing the Horsepower Survey and the Theory Behind It: This software tool is described in Paul Herr's book, "Primal Management: Unraveling the secrets of human nature to drive high performance." This book is like a "user guide" for the tool.  Chapter 1 describes the theory behind the software and Chapter 2 describes the tool itself.  

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