Primal Management

Primal Management

Review in the Journal of Personnel Psychology:  

"The book is clearly written, strongly and convincingly argued, insightful, provocative, stimulating, and interesting to read."



The Horsepower SystemTM is a simple, monthly, online survey that puts employee motivation front-and-center on the management dashboard, precisely where it belongs.  If you can get motivational horsepower to go up, lots of good things go up with it!

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Are decisions really 80% emotional?
As some of you know, I'm a graduate of the University of Chicago, a very rational place where, according to legend, "Fun goes to die."  I expect to be tarred and feathered at the next U of C management conference  for this provocative and contrarian post.  
Advertisers, like Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi, claim that the buying decision is 80% emotional and 20% rational.  According to Roberts, "Reason leads to conclusions.  Emotion leads to action."  What about other decisions, like the decision on the part of our employees to work hard?  Is this also 80% emotional?  What is going on here?  If emotions are so important in decision making, why was the word never uttered in any of my econ classes?
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"Users Guide" for Human Beings

If you buy a toaster, you get a user guide.  Buy a refridgerator, you get a user guide.  Wouldn't it be great if human beings were born with a "user guide" as well? Then we would know the best way to lead, motivate and engage our employees.

Author, Paul Herr, has created the next best thing in his critically-acclaimed book, Primal Management: Unraveling the Secrets of Human Nature to Drive High Performance. Herr uses logic and the latest science to deduce what the missing "user guide" for human beings might look like.

If you'd like to improve employee-engagement, attract top talent, and boost innovation and productivity, Primal Management should be on top of your reading list.  Paul Herr has also turned his book into a software tool for getting the best out of people.  This software is called The Horsepower SystemTM, and consists of a framwork for understanding employee motivation based on the Harvard 4-drive model, a short pulse survey to measure motivation, and onboard leadership-development resources to improve the score (see Figure 1).   




The Primal-Management Solution

Paul Herr has studied human motivation for 35 years. He knows what the motivational engine "looks like" and how companies can tap into it. His book explains how to tune the motivational engine and supercharge innovation, productivity and profitability in the process! Herr's approach is remarkably simple: if you take care of your employees' needs, and they take care of the customer's needs, then you will make lots of money. Here is a diagram that summarizes Herr's simple, employee-first approach.


Satisfying your employee's needs is not as hard as it sounds, because there are only four of them.  If we design our workplaces around these four motivational drives, our employees might come to work just for the fun of it!  

The Horsepower SystemTM--A Practical Management Tool for Improving Performance

As mentioned above, the ideas expressed in Primal Management have been turned into a powerful software tool called The Horsepower SystemTM. This online, motivation-management tool is being used by major corporations worldwide to monitor and improve employee engagement. Here's a short whitepaper that describes some remarkable Horsepower System success stories from the auto industry. You can demo this powerful tool by visiting the demo website.  If you are intruiged and would like to learn, in detail, what a HorsepowerTM implementation looks like, download this Horsepower Process Outline.

 The Benefits of The Horsepower System in a Language You Can Relate To

Everybody on the executive team speaks a different professional language and brings their own perspective to the C-Suite.  For example, the CFO speaks a different language and has different priorities compared to the COO.

Here is our attempt to explain the benefits of The Horsepower System and Primal Management, in nine professional "languages," so everybody can understand the benefits and commit to the process.  Just scan this document and select the language most relevant to your position on the org chart.